We are 100% committed to our clients. We advise and accompany you from start to finish: from first drafting of ideas, creation, and construction, to final production documentation and electrical diagrams for optimal implementation.

We value and understand the importance of the assembly process. This is why our team is available during facility assembly and commissioning process. Our services include training, controlling, maintenance and delivering detailed installation manuals.

On request any and all of these services are available separately:


Consulting and Concepting

We like to share our experience and to find solutions to the most unique challenges. We offer consultations which include analysis and concepting, as well as studies of production and detailed material-flow procedures.

As a result, we submit a proposal with suggestions on how to optimally approach your specific challenges.



A highly specialized and qualified team of engineers, technicians and technical drawing experts is responsible for the plan, development, and construction of special machinery. Also facility automation, assembly of mounting devices and creating all means necessary for production.

Our design department is equipped with CAD-Workplaces, which have access to a variety of software solutions 2D, 3D, and Electronics. In this space, quick and reliable solutions are developed in response to our clients’ needs.


Development of Steering Software

Simple or complex production lines require steering software. In today’s world, production facilities are managed via programmable controllers. Intuitive user interfaces, whether in text or graphic form are becoming essential.

We program simple logic operations and also more complex equations. Our programming capabilities range from software solutions over to compact controls, microcontroling, frequency parameterisation and servo controllers.


Electrical design and engineering.

Not only our ideas are switched ‘on’. Designing, planning and executing an optimally functioning electrical system is also part of our capabilities. We deliver manuals and get ‘hands on’ during the installation process and during the crucial time of facility commissioning.

We cover the entire spectrum, electrical, controlling, installation. Moreover, we will take over the task of digitizing existing electrical plans and transforming them into CAD-Systems, resulting in E-plans or WSCAD. Mostly required while expanding or while upgrading existing facilities.


Laser Measurements

In this category, we have 3 API Laser Trackers available. Simply put, measuring, evaluating, creating spatial analysis and reconditioning of measured values is covered.

The measuring radius of our Laser Tracker is maximum 40 m (131.234 feet) due to the interferometer measuring is highly precise and essential to our daily routine.

On request our team can assist on location for your measuring challenges.


Manuals and Documentation

Our manuals explain operations and maintenance, in accordance with official machinery guidelines and regulations, safety belongs to our core values. We ensure that even the most complex instructions stay simple to understand.   

On request, we also create manuals and operating documentation for your devices or facilities and guarantee to stay within the legal framework.


Technical Support and Maintenance

A fleet of fully equipped service vehicles is available to our technicians. Specialized team members are available to revise quickly and on-site any Amas-developed and installed machinery and facility.

Furthermore training courses for regular revisions and legal inspections in accordance to the German UVV.